Software Testing:
Are you a software development company or an organization that is getting applications developed?

Are you looking for reliable system testing of your application?

Assuming that Unit Testing and Integration Testing has been completed, we manually System Test your application on the basis of the documentation provided by you.

System Testing will involve testing the application for the following:

  • Testing the fully integrated application including external peripherals if any in order to check how components interact with one another and with the system as a whole.
  • Verify thorough testing of every input in the application to check for desired outputs.
  • Testing of the user's experience with the application.
  • Build detailed test cases and test suites that test each aspect of the application as seen from the outside.

Based on our experience, we also suggest logical and functional changes that help build a better application.

We write easy to understand User Manuals for your application.

Written in simple English (UK), the user manual is concise and easy to understand. The user can easily learn how to use your application with the help of the manual.

The manual will contain colour screen shots of the application and a step by step explanation of each and every feature of the application.

User Manuals are delivered in soft format (PDF).

Sample Documents created: