Are you using an email address for your business that is ending with,, or any other such service?


People trust a business more if they communicate from a domain based email address.


You’re running a furniture store and send an e-mail from an address that reads: [email protected]

Not good…

Instead, register a domain eg. and implement an e-mail hosting environment to facilitate domain based emails (eg. [email protected], [email protected]). We’ll help you with creating, configuring and managing mailboxes on your domain.

Well conversant with setting up mailboxes on your domain from various service providers like the cPanel based e-mail solution, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office365 , Amazon WorkMail to name a few.

Experienced with setting up a send and receive email solution on Amazon Simple Email Services which is very cost effective.

E-mail hosting has to be renewed every year.

If your e-mail solution is set up with your Website Hosting, it will renew with your Website Hosting automatically.


For Educational Institutions:

We have successfully implemented Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals  for several qualifying educational institutions. It is a cloud based suite of various applications.

Google Workspace for Education provides free business features to qualifying nonprofit K–12 and higher education institutions.

If your education institution  has sophisticated IT needs, consider Google Workspace for Education Plus. It has additional enterprise-grade capabilities, such as Advanced controls for administrators.

Google Workspace for Education offers the following:

  • E-mail (Gmail)
  • Video (YouTube)
  • Applications (Docs is a Microsoft Word alternative , Sheets is a Microsoft Excel alternative,  Slides is a Microsoft PowerPoint alternative)
  • Forms for data collection
  • Video conferencing (Hangouts)
  • Calendar
  • Online classrooms...and many more.