What is an SSL Certificate?
Put simply, an SSL certificate is a text file with encrypted data that is installed on your server. This allows you to secure/encrypt sensitive information and communications between your website and your audience. Many think of it as their electronic passport.

SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer,’ and when a website owner has one, all data passed between web browsers and servers remains private and encrypted.

Without valid certificates, users will not be digitally connected to a secured connection. This puts your company’s and your customers’ information at risk, especially considering current cybercrime trends.

As a result, the lack of SSL and HTTPS could potentially damage your brand image.

With Google Chrome’s new update, websites that aren’t encrypted with an SSL certificate will warn users by showing the page as “Not Secure”. Research says, almost 85% of visitors would leave a site if they see this warning.

Secure your data and boost your Google rank. Google ranks Secure websites (those with an SSL certificate installed aka HTTPS) higher than those that are not.

This is going to be the baseline standard in the coming days.

Are you ready?

After understnding your needs, a suitable SSL Certificate is suggested to secure your website / application.

SSL certificates can be procured for multiple years.