Websites and applications are built with the following characteristics:

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Accessible to All Users
  • Well Planned Information Architecture
  • Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan/Read
  • Fast Load Times
  • Browser Consistency
  • Effective Navigation
  • Good Error Handling
  • Valid Mark-Up and Clean Code
  • Usable Forms

WordPress has the largest share amongst all CMSs that power websites around the world.

Websites are built from scratch using WordPress at the core. Additional functionality can be added as per your requirement with the help of WordPress components also known as Plug-ins which are either free with limited features or paid versions with annual renewals having a lot more features. Plug-ins are selected and implemented after understanding your needs.

The following article on "WordPress Maintenance - What it Means and Why it’s Necessary" is a suggested read for everyone using WordPress.